Staff Directory

Carner, BobbyFire ChiefVolunteer Fire(540) 558-0762
Casper, KaliTown Comprehensive PlannerPlanning and Building(540) 951-4446
Coad, TravisOutdoor SupervisorParks and Recreation(540) 961-1133
Coles, LisaAccounting Technician IIBlacksburg Transit(540) 443-7100 ext. 2303
Cook, CathyBuilding OfficialPlanning and Building(540) 558-0711
Cooper, D.C.Front Desk, Community Center Parks and Recreation(540) 961-1149
Corso, RebekahExecutive AssistantTown Manager's Office(540) 558-0715
Crane, DeanDirector, Parks & RecreationParks and Recreation(540) 961-1132